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Get your loan at MoneyPhone.

We are transparent about our administration fees.

Possible micro-loan amounts

Starting from JD 500 up to JD 3000.

Administration fee size depends on choice repayment schedule.

Repayment schedules

Starting from 12 months up to a maximum 

of 18 months, plus one grace month.

We enable opportunities.

Access to micro-loans, via your smartphone.

Apply with your phone

Apply and identify yourself via your smartphone through our easy to use

online loan application.

Online application process

After a short introduction chat, you will go through several questions

about you and your opportunity.

Micro-loans from 500 JD

The micro-loan will be directly transferred into a mobile wallet on your smartphone. 

How can we help you?

Hereby our answers to frequently asked questions.

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What is MoneyPhone?

At MoneyPhone we aim to provide any credible borrower, anywhere in the world, direct access to microcredit against the lowest possible costs via a smartphone enabled platform. We enable entrepreneurs and strongly believe in empowering the 2 billion unbanked and poorly banked inhabitants of our planet by providing them easy-access to the cheapest credit possible.

Who are Moneyphone's customers?

Everybody living in Jordan who is (or wants to become) an entrepreneur.
(...more explanation required)

Is it safe to get a micro-loan at MoneyPhone?

Yes. We comply to all legal and regulatory requirements for giving out micro-loans in Jordan. If you have a more specific question about this, please contact us via WhatsApp. (... more of adjusted explanation required)

Can I apply without having a mobile e-wallet on my smartphone?

Yes you can. After the application process, we will help you in getting a mobile e-wallet. If you get a micro-loan via MoneyPhone, the loan amount will be transfered to your mobile e-wallet.

What are the sizes of the micro-loans?

For now, Moneyphone gives out micro-loans starting from JD 500 up to JD 3000. In your loan application request, you have to specify the amount you would like to receive. (... more explanation required)

What are the repayment schedules at MoneyPhone?

The minimum is 12 months, the maximum repayment time is 18 months. Repayment will start after one grace month. (... more explanation required)

What are the administration fees?

This depends both on your loan amount and repayment schedule. An example: for a loan of JD500 with a repayment period of 12 months, the administration fees are JD75 in total.

(... more explanation required)

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